At Elora Labels we are passionate about fundraising. We can help you setup your school fundraiser, daycare or preschool fundraiser, sports team fundraiser, camp fundraiser, or any other fundraiser you can think of! The fundraisers at Elora Label Company are simple, easy and profitable  with 20% of the sales going the the fundraising organization.  We can provide you with on-line fundraising or a paper fundraising campaign.  Please contact us at info@eloralabel or call us (519) 766-3331  and we would be happy to work with your organization and help you setup the fundraising solution that will work for you.

4 Simple Steps

We also have a downloadable copy of our fundraising information.

  1. Choose a Fundraiser Type – Commission is 20% of net sales – (before taxes & shipping)
    • Paper Fundraiser
      This is a handout-based program. We provide brochures/order forms for distribution.
      Your organization will collect orders and payments (cheques/cash) for Elora Label Company. We will pick
      up all orders & monies from your location. We will process and package the orders and return them
      in 2-3 weeks to your location, along with a commission payment to your organization.
    • Paperless (On-line) Fundraiser
      Our on-line program can run anywhere from a few days to 4 months long. If you like we print and deliver to
      you a 1 page promotional flyer to distribute throughout your organization. Participants will place
      their order and make a payment online using a URL / Code specifically created for their fundraiser.
      The orders are then processed at our office and shipped directly to the customers homes.
      Within 2 weeks of your end date of your fundraiser, you will receive your commission payment.
  2. Complete and Submit the Fundraiser Registration Form
    Complete the form and Fax to (519) 579-9232 / Email us at / Phone us at (519) 766-3331
  3. Kick off your Campaign
  4. Send in Your Orders and await your Cheque